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About Us

Hapa Mana is currently a 100% volunteer based, Hawaii 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization for youth athletics founded in 2016 by Jordan Conley and Clara Jones.  Their belief that all keiki deserve access to sports and the benefits they provide drove the creation of this club.  An original idea to start a single basketball team that was free of fees developed and grew into the club you see today.  A club that creates opportunities for all keiki to try many sports and be active with teammates, free of charge.

Our Mission

We help keiki and their communities integrate (Hapa) economically, socially, and spiritually (Mana) through sport. Hapa Mana creates access to free sports camps and free after school athletic programs with the ultimate goal to make free competitive teams across Oahu. We believe the benefits of a healthy physical lifestyle are essential to success. Hapa Mana combines sports with “Life Lessons” presented by mentors to create foundation building experiences that will help our keiki to achieve their future goals.

Multi Sport Camps





Hapa Mana - Sports Camp - Colin McAllist


Hapa Mana - Sports Camp - Colin McAllist


Click below to see details about our current programs at Kunia Village Gymnasium