Our Ohana

Volunteers committed to the Cause


Oliver Rimando


4th Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo

Oliver started studying Taekwondo at 6 years old and earned JR blackbelt at 13. He registered in Kukkiwon as 1st degree black belt at age 16. Oliver was a California state champion, competed nationally, and internationally twice. He attended training camps at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado and was also had the fortune to train in Korea. Learning and coaching TKD encouraged him to study child development at City College of San Francisco. Oliver assisted instruction at the US Taekwondo Center in Honolulu eventually advancing to 4th degree. Now he resides in Honolulu and plans to be even more active in the Martial Art scene and help children utilize their talents and develop their skills.


Jordan Conley

Co-Founder / Coach

Jordan is a life long athlete. He started with soccer in the 2nd grade. By 4th grade basketball and football became his main athletic interests through high school, a little college, and 3 semi pro years playing football in Hawaii. During that time Jordan dabbled in and excelled at wrestling, baseball and track & field. He also took 2 years of Judo in college. Once he moved to Hawaii he found a love for beach volleyball, hiking, and kayaking. Being the people person he is, he went into the hospitality industry. He served, bartended, and ran banquets for Tiki’s Grill & Bar and Planet Hollywood in Waikiki until his true passion called.


At the age of 30, Jordan got NASM certified. The National Academy of Sports Medicine certification is widely considered tops in the field. Jordan started his training career as a volunteer coaching with the Hawaii Young Warriors of the Pop Warner league, an i9 football team, and also with Team Move Hawaii. Jordan has taught classes and trained at most of the gyms from downtown Oahu to Hawaii Kai. He loves to work with all ages, as he is great with very young kids and has worked with many elder people, even has worked with an Alzheimer’s patient. His sports background, ability to work with so all ages, and even his organizational skills learned in the service industry make him the ideal group fitness leader, coach, and camp director. His classes, practices, & camps are engaging, unique, and challenging.

This skill set serves him equally as well when personally training someone. You will be trained like an athlete, but at your level. You will try and learn new things with and about your body building a high connection mentally to it. You will become more functional as you start to feel healthier and stronger and look better.

As a coach he is stern yet fair. He is a certified Double Goal coach through the Positive Coaching Alliance. The PCA is used by the AAU as well as many of the top national organizations overseeing youth sports. PCA's philosophy focuses on sports as an opportunity for character education, espousing the Double-Goal Coach, whose first goal is winning, and whose second, more important goal is teaching life lessons through sports. ... Help youth sports organization leaders create a culture in which "Honoring the Game" is the norm.


Clara Jones

Co-Founder / Coach

Clara started ballet at age 4 and by age 5 had moved to gymnastics.  She always wanted to be moving and to meet that need Clara moved to soccer at age 7.  She continued to play competitively until graduating from high school at 18.  She also spent time assistant coaching at age 16 with Northwest Soccer Camp on Whidbey Island.  Through the years she learned the importance of practice and repetition as keys for success.  As well as the importance of bonding and supporting one another as teammates.

Through college Clara took a journey through other types of exercise outside of team sports. From running and Pilates to home workout videos. Upon graduating from Western Washington University with a Bachelors' degree in Accounting and Business Administration in 2009 Clara then moved to Honolulu where she continued to pursue her joy of exercise and movement through running, swimming, and hiking.

Although Clara is no longer working administratively with Hapa Mana as of February 2020, she will continue to volunteer at events and continue to encourage healthy movement with keiki and build their confidence to help them achieve their future goals.